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The Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine is a center which emphasizes CAIM medical treatment: Complementary, which works together with conventional therapy; Alternative, in place of conventional therapy; as well as Integrative, which blends both alternative and conventional medicine. The Center develops an individualized and holistic treatment plan for each patient.  

Treatment programs emphasize lifestyle changes and address diet, exercise, nutritional supplements and stress management.  For many patients, programs involving injectable vitamins, minerals and chelating agents play a major role in treatment. 

The Center is warm and congenial; every effort is made to help patients embrace changes necessary to achieve optimal health.  Several of our health care professionals have been on staff for more than 30 years.  Though their backgrounds and previous training vary, all our clinicians are devoted to complementary medicine.








Important Note: You are encouraged to seek the advice of a competent medical professional
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