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Candidiasis or the overgrowth of candida albicans and other yeasts and molds in the body has become a prevalent malady exhibiting many common symptoms including fatigue and bloating. 

This problem is mainly due to eating too much dietary sugar and too many processed carbohydrate foods, exposure to certain medications (such as antibiotics, steroidal drugs, and birth control pills) and possible exposure to toxic minerals (such as mercury from dental amalgam fillings).  

Enhancing immune function through anti-candida dietary changes, nutritional supplements, and the elimination of toxics substances from the body are cornerstones of our approach to dealing with this problem.  

Restoring the normal, gut-friendly bacteria by dietary changes and the use of supplements of these friendly bacteria or probiotics go a long way in reducing the candida burden and bringing about long-term improvement.  

Sometimes, bio-oxidative therapies, such as intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy, help to enhance immune functioning.  

The appropriate use of medications for bringing candidiasis under control may also be necessary.



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