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Immune System Disorders

Immune disorders may involve a weakened immune system, resulting in chronic infections or even cancer, or a disordered immune system in which the patient attacks his own tissues (so-called autoimmune disorders, like Lupus, ALS, etc.).  

Actually, these two seemingly opposite situations may have a lot in common and there may be considerable overlap between them.  For immune system support, we frequently recommend intravenous vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant therapy.  Dietary suggestions and nutritional supplements are essential to the program.   

Various detoxification methods are recommended.  These may include bowel cleansing with herbs or enemas, improved liver detoxification through the use of nutrients to feed the liver, infrared saunas, and exercise to produce sweat.  Patients are encouraged to become aware of environmental toxins and their avoidance.  

Environmental and food sensitivities need to be considered.  A dental evaluation, which checks for adverse effects of dental amalgam fillings and root canals, and subsequent treatment may play an important role in helping patients recover from immune disorders.  

We utilize bio-oxidative therapies, including intravenous hydrogen peroxide, for viral or bacterial problems like Lyme disease. 



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