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New Patient Information

Every person's clinical situation is different and our treatment programs are very individualized. Therefore, we cannot list our fees for services over the internet. Please call our New Patient Services Department at the center at 845-368-4700 or email us at office@mbschachter.com for further information.

For Specific Concerns or Chronic Conditions

A patient visiting our office for the first time usually meets with a physician assistant who reviews the patient's medical history and conducts a complete physical examination. Then the patient meets with one of our doctors to discuss the patient's condition and to outline a treatment program. The doctor and/or physician assistant may then order laboratory tests. The patient then meets with a lifestyle counselor to discuss diet and lifestyle changes necessary to help incorporate our treatment program into his or her daily life, thereby making the journey towards better health as easy as possible.

On the second visit, laboratory test results are reviewed, we follow up on the patient's progress and make any necessary changes to the patient's program. Follow-up visits are then recommended.

Wellness Program
Nutrition Assessment for the Well Individual

Recently there has been an explosion of information about nutritional therapy that has been both educational and confusing.  There’s advice coming from many sources, some professional and some non-professional.

Our medical practice has been on the cutting edge in the use of nutritional therapy for almost 35 years.  We’ve developed a program specifically for the well individual who has no known chronic health problems.  It is composed of several parts.  This is not a substitute for a comprehensive medical evaluation.  The primary purpose is to help identify specific dietary guidelines and nutrients for each individual, based on his/her “nutritional history”.  We also want to help identify your risks for chronic illness and help reduce that risk and/or delay onset.  This fee may not be covered by your insurance company and will be coded as preventive medicine.

First, you will fill out a health history and life-style assessment.  This is the information foundation—a verbal picture of you.  You will also fill out a seven-day food diary.

Next you will have a personal interview with a Physician Assistant who will analyze this information, do a focused physical examination (oriented specifically to identifying nutritional needs – this will not include a gynecological exam), order laboratory tests, and establish preliminary recommendations.  Then you will go to the laboratory to do the recommended testing.

Finally, you will return for a brief office visit with the practitioner who will review the laboratory test results (giving you your personal copies) and incorporate the findings into your treatment plan which may include nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes.  Afterwards you will meet with a lifestyle counselor, who will outline specific dietary guidelines.  You will also get a packet of information describing other services available at our office—for future reference and/or needs.



Important Note: You are encouraged to seek the advice of a competent medical professional
before making any decisions that could affect your health. See our disclaimer.

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