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Link to Dr. Schachter's Article on the Roll of Nutrition 
and Supplements in the Treatment of Cancer

Integrating Nutrition and Selected Controversial Nutritional Supplements into a Cancer Treatment Program Even though it is now widely accepted that nutritional factors are important when it comes to cancer prevention, many oncologists fail to discuss nutrition and lifestyle changes with their patients who are already ill. Often when dietary advice is given, it is usually opposite to the advice contained in cancer-preventive diets. In this article printed in the Cancer Strategies Journal, Summer 2013, important dietary issues and selected controversial supplements for cancer patients are discussed.

Dr. Schachter Interviewed on the Age of Autism Website: 
Dr. Schachter Expresses his Views About Autism and Vaccinations

Autism, once a rare disorder, is now so widespread that we all seem to know families with one or more affected children. These families are being left with the difficult job of caring for their autistic children while the medical establishment has failed to come up with an explanation or a solution, unable to cope with this ever-expanding epidemic. Many parents have noted that their once normal children, after undergoing vaccination, markedly regress, and are then diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. Their reports which clearly implicate this connection have been either denigrated or ignored. In this interview by Anne Dachel in August of 2013, Dr. Schachter candidly expresses his opinion as to why the autism epidemic might not be halted any time soon. Read it here.

The following is a press release submitted by Gracelyn Guyol to advertise her interviews with Dr Schachter on her cable TV show. These interviews have already taken place, on June 25 and July 2 of 2013. DVDs of the interviews are available here.

Psychiatrist Offers Ways to Reduce Violent Behavior in Kids

Stonington, CT --While global media focused on potential gun legislation following the Newtown school shootings, author and cable TV producer Gracelyn Guyol began a new 13 show series of 55 minute interviews with medical practitioners on Restoring Kids Health Holistically, including seven episodes about effective, drug-free methods for treating violence and other mental disorders in children.

Two interviews of Michael B. Schachter, MD, on Preventing and Managing Violent Behavior will air June 25 and July 2, at 9 PM EST, on Comcast Channel 12. Dr. Schachter is a board certified psychiatrist, former president of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, and director of the Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine in Suffern, NY. He has treated mental illness for 30 years using nutritional, orthomolecular and environmental medicine before resorting to psychiatric drugs.

On June 25th, Dr Schachter explains why he treats integratively, beginning with what school shooters and many mass murderers have in common: use of SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), a group of antidepressants known to trigger mania, psychosis, hostility, aggression, and suicide. Despite FDA "Black Box" warnings to this effect on all SSRIs, roughly 250 million prescriptions are filled each year due to pharmaceutical industry's influence over the American Medical Association and most physicians' education.

The second interview of Dr. Schachter, airing July 2, outlines a holistic, drug-free approach. Why a nutrient-dense, healthy diet is necessary for emotional balance. How lack of sleep, excess sugar, junk food and gluten intolerance or other allergies contribute to violence. Studies are introduced demonstrating how daily vitamin and mineral supplements reduce juvenile delinquency and that just one elevated toxin in children - lead - correlates with later criminality, making detoxification crucial to recovery. He explains the relationship between increased violence in kids and their high "body burden" of toxins from too many vaccines, chemicals, and environmental pollutants interfering with gene functions, and offers steps toward reversing this sad trend.

You can order both of these interviews, Managing & Preventing Violent Behavior, Part 1, and Managing & Preventing Violent Behavior, Part 2, by calling the Center.


Dr. Schachter Interviewed on Radio: 
Salvestrols and the Ketogenic Diet

Dr Schachter was interviewed on the topic Salvestrols and the Ketogenic Diet on Elyn Jacobs' internet radio show in June of 2013. Go here for more information. 


Dr. Schachter's Article on Integrative Oncology 
in the Townsend Letter

Dr. Schachter's article, Integrative Oncology for Clinicians and Cancer Patients, originally published in the International Journal of Integrative Medicine 2(1), July 2010, has been reprinted, in four parts, in the magazine, the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. You can read it online here.


Praise for Dr. Schachter's Depression book!

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Depression

The book, published in November of 2006, details the natural answers to the treatment of depression, offering new hope to sufferers, written by a psychiatrist who has been immersed in the alternative/complementary medical field for over 30 years. Read more...




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