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Psychological Disorders
and the Mind/Body Connection

Recent studies demonstrate the profound role one’s conscious attitudes play in the onset of and recovery from disease.  Likewise, our health can also be affected by feelings from past experiences buried in our subconscious.

The immune system is strengthened by such feelings as optimism, love, and hope.  At the same time, it is evident that it can be weakened by fear, guilt, anger, and depression.  

For the best possible outcome in treating health conditions, we strongly recommend that patients consult with a psychotherapist to better insure that all bases are covered -- We believe that the mind is just as important as the body when it comes to holistic healing. 

The addition of stress-reduction techniques, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, visualization and guided imagery, progressive relaxation, and cognitive-behavioral therapy are just a few of the suggested therapies that can be explored. 

One way to relax might be to try the the energy therapy, Reiki. Able to reach deeper levels of the self, Reiki is a mind-body modality that can help one to heal both body and spirit. For further information about this, ask to speak to Sandra M Davis, the Reiki practitioner at our Center.





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