Success: Cardiovascular Conditions

Treating Heart Disease Without Surgery

Five years ago this gentleman, in his mid 60s, decided to challenge his symptoms of angina (chest pain) and failed stress test with something other than the suggested cardiac catheterization and possible angioplasty. He began to educate himself about alternative treatments for heart disease and sought Chelation Therapy from this office.

He began a series of these intravenous treatments along with specific recommendations about diet, exercise, and therapeutic nutrients. He took prescribed medication from his cardiologist as well.  He did very well with this regimen reporting increased energy and diminished chest pain.

About 2 years ago he had a repeat stress test and was able to last the full protocol (as compared to 6-7 minutes in the past). About the same time this gentleman decided to slowly go off of his heart medications (he felt they were contributing to early morning fatigue). He has remained off them to the present and, indeed, has resolved the morning fatigue.  

Approximately 1 years ago he added 35 treatments of External Counter Pulsation to further improve coronary blood flow. This drugless, non-surgical treatment has been demonstrated to be efficacious in the treatment of blocked coronary arteries. 

He is now 70 years old and enjoys an active life without medication and without surgery.

In his own words - Chelation Is Wonderful!

"I started suffering from angina pectoris at the age of 76.  An atheroscopy showed that my left descending coronary artery was almost completely blocked.  My cardiologist arranged for me to have the following series of operation:  Atherectomy (the "roto-rooter" procedure).  It was initially effective, but the pains started returning three months later. Another atherectomy.  

Pains started returning three months later. Angioplasty (the "balloon treatment").  This eliminated the pains for only two and half months.  

I decided to try Chelation Therapy even though my cardiologist said there was no good evidence of its effectiveness and that it was illegal in my home state of Connecticut.  One of my friends had received chelation at Dr. Michael B. Schachter's facility in Suffern, NY, and he was pleased with its effectiveness, so I went to see Dr. Schachter and at his recommendation underwent thirty infusions with EDTA (the monosodium salt of ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid in aqueous solution). I had my first chelation infusion two months later.  Thereafter I had treatments once a week.  

The anginal pains became less and less frequent as the treatments proceeded.  My last pain was one year and four months from the day I started.  Now, at age 78, I'm feeling great and don't restrict my physical activity in any way.  I play tennis once a week.  Chelation is wonderful!   ~ B. P.

UPDATE"I am sending this note to assure you that I have had no recurrence of chest pains following the initial treatment of my clogged coronary artery with EDTA infusions.  It's been 8 years! Since then, I've been getting EDTA infusions once a month. You have these records at your office. I think I've had about 105 infusions to date. ~ B. P.

In his own words - Walking Uphill Again!

"Background:  First heart attack; Second heart attack, (seven years later); Double bypass (the following Aug.); Third heart attack, (16 years after bypass).  Doctors recommendation:  Second bypass operation.  Refused due to my concern over safety of the public blood supply (HIV).  

A friend recommended Chelation Therapy (I had done considerable study of alternative therapies).  After evaluating same, I decided to try it.  Started chelation the middle immediately after my 3rd heart attack; very pleased with results.  Example:  40 minute walk (rapid) in state park with one long upgrade.  This past Sunday (5 months later), I walked it without stopping.  It had been approximately 14 months since I was last able to do it.  ~ J. G.  




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