Success: Gastrointestinal Disorders

Food Allergies and Irritable Bowel Syndrome:
A Volatile Match

This gentleman presented to our office with a one-year history of intermittent loose stools and diarrhea. Tests had revealed diverticulosis (a common finding and a chronic condition) and he had been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome -- a diagnosis used when nothing else shows up (i.e. ulcers, colitis, cancer, etc.). He was using medication rather frequently to keep stools under control and was anxious to address this bothersome condition.  He was also on medications for high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

Our tests revealed mineral deficiencies, a vitamin B12 deficiency, food allergies (severe to rice, wheat, and eggs), elevated homocysteine (a risk factor for cardiovascular disease), and excess levels of the toxic elements arsenic and mercury. He met with a nutritionist for aid in establishing a diet with his food allergies in mind.

He was given supportive nutrients both orally and by injection to treat the nutritional deficiencies and to promote healing of the gastrointestinal tract. 

With adherence to this protocol, he had relief of the loose stools (requiring much less medication), his blood sugar levels began to come down, and he was able to lower his medications for that.  His energy improved, homocysteine and B 12 levels improved, he lost weight, and his levels of mercury began to decline. He also had improved blood pressure readings. 

He now returns for periodic evaluations. At this time we talk about motivation more than education. He knows what to do -- he just needs reminders and reinforcement.  As for most of us, old habits can return rather easily. We also recheck tests as needed -- itís great to feel better but also very nice to have a piece of paper as a visual aid as well as confirmation.   His retirement is better and better as he is able to feel his best.

In her own words - Patience and Perseverance Win

"When I came to the Schachter Center, I was depressed, tired, and had a lot of joint pain.  I had many food allergies and was very bloated and constipated.  

Dr. Schachter, Sally Minniefield, PA, and I worked together as a team.  They listened to me with respect and slowly over the past few years, they unraveled the mystery of my health problems.  

They discovered that I had parasites and that my immune system wasn't functioning well.  I had mercury and arsenic poisoning and my liver wasn't healthy.  My hormones were not balanced.  I was hypothyroid.  My digestive system was not producing the necessary enzymes to digest my food leaving me bloated and constipated most of the time.  I also had a very high iron count that could have given me a stroke or heart attack.  

I had been to doctor after doctor trying to find out what was wrong, but it was Complementary Medicine that found the answer.  Here, I was listened to with respect and they never gave up on me.  I was willing to do 100% of what I was asked because I trusted the people caring for me.  

I did not get better immediately:  my healing has been a process, and it is one that has many rewards.  Today I am happy, alert, and eating most foods.  No longer do I have joint pain, bloating or constipation.  I am enjoying life for the first time since early childhood!  ~ J.C.


Finding Answers

"I sought help from the Schachter Center because I felt there had to be an answer to why I had constant intestinal discomfort and bloat beyond the "Stress Answer."  I was also always coming down with illnesses from colds, viruses, and even pneumonia!  

The individuals at the Schachter Center who treat me take their time in explaining to me what was going on in my body and what I needed to do with the help of a proper diet and nutritional supplements.  (I had a yeast overgrowth that was compromising my immune system).  

In just one month's time I felt healthier and with more energy than I had in over 10 years.  Now, almost one year later I can say that I have not had any infections.  I have become knowledgeable on what types of foods affect me negatively and manage much better a very healthy body.  Thanks to All, ~ T.A.


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